Anchor & Ship

by Ian Fisher

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released December 1, 2010

Ben Majchrzak - Producer/Engineer
Ryan Carpenter - Piano/Lead Guitar on several tracks
Ian Fisher - Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar
Cover Art:
Peter Baldinger - title of work "Concorde - Disaster #1"
Chris Baldinger - album layout



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Ian Fisher Berlin, Germany

Ian Fisher (27) is a little man with a big voice, who is based in Berlin, Germany, and was raised on a farm in Missouri, USA. He has written nearly a thousand songs and has played just as many concerts all over the world. Those songs, like the man himself, are short, simple, and honest. He is a 21st Century Country musician… just without a country. ... more


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Track Name: The Places We Are Born
Honking of horns honking of horns
Behind rolling eyes you're no more
Than just another one of those one of those
Waving of flags waving of flags
Behind rolling eyes they see bags
You should be packing to go

Colors and the scars of history have got everybody tied down
Colors and the scars of history are gonna paint this country brown
What's in and out and in and out is sometimes hard to figure out when you're bound
To what's in and out and in and out it's gonna paint this country brown

Singing songs singing a song
Behind rolling eyes they've become foreigners at home
Speaking words strangers' words
Behind rolling eyes all that's heard is I'm taking everything that's yours

You are entitled to that I guess the air water and trees and rest are yours
I'm not entitled to that I guess and the places we are born define our worth
Track Name: Up From the Ground
Up from the ground and down to the beach
There all the darkness you were meaning to keep
Under the covers now it's staining your sheets
Of a bed you were claiming, but not expecting to sleep in

Up from the ground soaking into your feet
All of the darkness you weren't expecting to reach
Your red-handed fingers and oily dreams
Now you're suffocating like those blackbirds and beaches

Fool me once Fool me twice
You're still selling me blood and rolling my dice
Kill me once
I've only got so much to gamble

Down in the ground once far from your feet
Your body will rot into soil for seeds
Then oneday a man with a dollar and a dream
Will dance on your grave and cut down your tree
Singing songs that in life you too also did sing
Track Name: Tightrope
What goes up must come down
And all this change in altitude's got me wondering how
I could stand on a tightrope in this town
With all the winds around me trying to blow me to the ground

Apple skin and serpent eyes tempting every time
I'm on the road and you're out of mind
and I'm forgetting feelings like colors leave the blind

What goes up must come down
And all this change in altitude's got me wondering how
I could stand on a tightrope in this town
With all the winds around me trying to blow me to the ground

If this heart could be locked away I'd give you the key and I'd stay
Out of the path that these women seem to take
Into my head where they lead me astray
Track Name: Wrapped in a Flag
Chain me to a fortress put me outside on the porch
With a gun and a target reminding me what my life's worth
Cut me up in pieces there and feed me to your men
Because we've forget the reasons why we are or were living

I am just a soldier, a killer, a father
Taking my orders, missing my son and daughters
I was whispering through the night
I was shooting through the day
But now my wings have been clipped
No flight can free me from these chains

Wrapped in a flag Wrapped in a flag and tore to pieces
Wrapped in a flag Wrapped in a flag and forced to die for a nation

The way that it seems may match up with scenes that you may have seen on TV
But the way that it is may always be hid until you have seen what I have seen
With my back to the wall, so long I crawled until I learned to run the other way
So close to the end I could feel it in my hands right when I got in a bullet's way

And watched it slip away
Down into the gutter from where it came
Out into the sea
Were the fishes eat my bones and the tourist on the shore line forget me
And the people that I fought for and the people that I fought
Slowly Slowly Slowly forget me…
Track Name: Asleep on Planes
One may say that it's a leap of faith
But I just don't know where I'll go when I leave this place
Sometimes I try to believe in fate
When I can't sleep on planes

There's a hole on the horizon hidden in front of the sky
And I thought it had died till I watched it rise

I've flown far from root to branch
Was turned to leaves of circumstance
Then cast away as all are cast
To fall until I land

There's a hole in the ground where one day these eyes won't see
And when it's time to go there I may not think it's meant to be

But please don't pray for me
I'm not as lost as I sound
I am just a seed
I'll fall until I reach the ground

There's a hole in the sky
that we're all bound to face
And there I'm eye-to-eye
when I can't sleep on planes
Track Name: Behind the Clouds
Up creep the wheels I'll float down the stairs
And catch a train to the other side of town
As you fall down somewhere up there

I'll build you a boat
In the stars you'll float
With constellations in your hair
Behind the clouds I know you're shining somewhere

Oh, angel without wings
May you fall back to earth safe and sound
And nestle here down in my open arms
And keep your feet on the ground

I'll build you a boat
In the stars you'll float
With constellations in your hair
Behind the clouds I know you're shining somewhere
Track Name: Faceless
I put on new skin today and walked down the street
All the people put their paper all around me
Their pens were there and they were unsheathed
Went scribbling down those fresh white sheets

Before too long I was another page
The product of words a mirror faceless
The product of everything that's been put in its place
And the downfall of everything that's better left spaceless

If I didn't have a name what would you call me?
If I didn't have a face what would you look at?
Down in the deepest and darkest of places
We're all gonna face it
I've embraced it
With apathy and everything that could erase
The memory of believing in TRUTH

Since I've been gone I have been replaced
By a body of words a mannequin faceless
In poses that everyone imagined I'd make
Built on solid misconceptions of everything spaceless
Track Name: Autobiographies
In all those autobiographies that I keep telling myself I should read
I'm sure I'll find many chapters on things that great men once did wrong
But didn't know it then and I'll feel like them
But for now I'll write the manuscript of a chapter in my life that'd I probably skip
If I could

Although I know I should not complain, sometimes I just cannot refrain
From justifying means with ends, while lacking direction
But I guess I'm on my way towards another day
Where I will wake and I will sleep and look for meaning in between

There was a dawn and it broke and the sun reflected off my windows
The air was blue and green and purple were there too
The grass covered in mist just like little kids
Fast a sleep in their own beds, how I need that
How I can't go back

I guess a man can have many homes
I guess that's different than homeless
And I suppose that I'm not alone
But that don't make me less restless

I'm gonna pack the car and leave while it's still dark
And watch the dawn break in green and blue
Over blurred, sleeping cities that I pass through
Track Name: Start Up
Start up one more time down the line I've drawn kept myself on
Now I'm starting to count the times that I wonder why I've become so goddamned wrong
I'm wondering what is right, what's black, what's white?
When they fade, what stays?
Dreaming about dreaming again
Wondering when this will end or this will begin

Suddenly it's coming back that I was once like that
But in retrospect it seems like it never happened
And I'm floating around in nothing

Looking up at tall buildings remembering when I wished that I would sit
Up there and look on down to where I am now
Is this failure or is this just getting older?

Suddenly it's coming back that I was once like that
But in retrospect it seems like it never happened
And I'm floating around in nothing

I'm stopping my starts down the line that I once called mine
Though I drew it, I just don't know why I'd now go through with it
And I keep on all my lights, every night, and through the day I draw my shades
Pretend yesterday is really today and that nothing changed
Nothing changed…
Track Name: Anchor & Ship
When the sky was filled with dawn and all the fools had gone
Back to homes and back to sleep
While they dreamed they filled the streets
With a silence that revealed them to me
Alone in a big old city

Jester for the court and horses for the king
They've got everything there
An ANCHOR and a SHIP where
I had once been lost at sea
Alone in a big old city

Billboards and TV taught me everything I need
To climb aboard that ship and act like I'm a real man
And go back home and back to sleep
And never ever ever dream
Alone in a big old city
Track Name: Balloon Races
My sweetest love I'll take you where you will grow
Into my sweetest love and there I'll hide you from the pain that comes
When I leave for other girls and trips around the world
And balloon races to far off places and wet wet dreams of pretty girls faces
To realize that my sweetest love was wasted

My sweetest sins been callusing my soul
My sweetest sins been sinking into my bones
I'll leave this world someday and this body will rot away
And memories of faces in far off place won't make up for my disgrace
When I realize that my sweetest love was wasted